The Innocents

Netflix Original | 2018 | Reviewer: Bill Braier

Excellent Acting, But Never Shape Shifts into Gear

This eight-episode Netflix Original sci-fi drama shows teenage love is complicated enough, without “shape shifting” into other people’s bodies and their memories. It can be downright dangerous to the point you may not remember who you are.  

Scottish blonde beauty Sorcha Groundsell stars as June McDaniels who along with her high school boyfriend Harry, run away from their repressive households. Her innocent yet alluring look carries the show, as she and Harry discover her shape shifting abilities during their fateful encounters along their escape route. They meet, Kam, (Abigail Hardingham) another shape shifter, who uses her shape shifting powers for bisexual encounters. A scientist (seasoned actor Guy Pearce) tries to capture June and discover the key to her power.

A crew of powerful dramatic U.K. actors are wasted by an overly confusing script. Long aerial panoramic views of Norway’s beautiful farms, forested hills and winding rivers are fine for a travel show, but slow the pace.  Some weird characters are never quite explained. Why does her agoraphobic brother live locked up in a separate barn, fed meal trays through a small door like a prisoner?

If you don’t mind the slow pace of the first show, the rest will follow in the same way.