Camp Manna

Amazon Rental | 2018 | Reviewer: Bill Braier

Funny, religiously irreverent and wholesome at the same time

Ian Fletcher is a small frail fifteen-year-old who has to move in with his over the top religious aunt and uncle after his parents were eaten by crocodiles during a Christian baptism.  First line of movie is, “I am so glad you’ve come to live with us. It has been so quiet here since the Lord dried up my ovaries.” It is this tongue-in-cheek irreverent but harmless stereotypical religious humor that prevails throughout the movie.

Ian is soon sent off to a summer Bible Camp run by Gary Busey’s crazy Vietnam vet character, Jack Cujo Parrish. Perfect casting. Gary Busey is a riot a because he plays it so serious.  I am still laughing. In one of his “God Games” challenges, some kids have to jump off a giant tower in the middle of the lake called the Leap of Faith.

The target audience is teenagers, but parents will get a kick out of it too. The high production value, orchestra background music, and quality actors, made it seemed like it was produced by Disney. Silly characters throughout the camp, with a feel-good ending demonstrating Christian values, make this a worthwhile watch for teens and their parents.