Somewhere Between

TV Series | 2017 | Reviewer: Bill Braier

Beware it may hook you.

If you can get over the terrible child actor (Aria Birch) this Sci-fi whodunnit will hook you for all ten episodes. Distraught because of her child’s murder, Laura Price (Paula Patton) jumps in a lake to commit suicide, only to come back in time early enough she might be able to save her child.  She knows where, when and how she's murdered, but doesn't know who killed her and why.

The critics panned Paula Patton for over acting. But if I had just come back in time and could save my daughter’s life, I would be over the top too.  I believe it is the script, not the acting is the weakness in this drama. The relationship between mother and daughter doesn’t seem right.  The daughter will say things that an eight-year-old would never say.  She also is an unlikeable brat, which doesn’t help when the story is about saving her from being murdered.  

I am a sucker for shows that give you a chance to do it over. But when they finally unravel the mystery it was a bit cliché and somewhat unbelievable.