The Pole is a growing collection of our favorite movies of all time.

Each week one movie is chosen to attempt to knock off the 25 spot and battle its way up as high as it can. Is there a movie out there good enough to climb to Vanilla Sky? We doubt it....but we will try every week! The film must be at least one year old.

  1. Vanilla Sky

  2. Groundhog Day

  3. American Psycho

  4. Anchorman

  5. Iron Man

  6. The Matrix

  7. Deadpool

  8. Jaws

  9. Pulp Fiction

  10. Casino Royal- 2006

  11. Kill Bill 1&2

  12. Guardians of the Galaxy

  13. Wonder Women

  14. La La Land

  15. John Wick 1&2

  16. Jurassic Park

  17. The Shape of Water

  18. Rocky

  19. The Empire Strikes Back

  20. Live Die Repeat

  21. Alien

  22. T2

  23. The Spy Who Shagged Me

  24. Christmas Vacation

  25. Step Brothers